Cosmetic Dentistry

At our dental clinic, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments suited to a range of dental needs and your desired results.
During your initial cosmetic consultation, the dentist will discuss the benefits of different treatment options and what is the best solution for you.

Our cosmetic treatments include:

At Sorriso Design, cosmetic dentistry is at the heart of our clinic, and the well-being and comfort of our patients is our main focus. We know that not everyone is comfortable when visiting the dentist, but we will make your visit as relaxing as possible.

Dr Juliane Scandian, the founder dentist of Sorriso Design, is a highly-profiled cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes and has been performing porcelain veneers in the UK for 12 years, in addition to having performed the same procedure in Brazil for another 11 years. Over the years, Dr Scandian and her team have continued to use innovative dental techniques and treatments to provide the highest level of dental care to our patients.

If you’re looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes who provides premium quality expertise and stunning results, our Sorriso Design team can help.

Our experts in cosmetic dentistry include our highly experienced cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes and principal dentist, Dr Juliane Scandian (GDC No: 202104), who has over 20 years of dentistry experience. She has also given numerous lectures on the topics of Cosmetics; Dr Scandian was an Assistant Teacher for 7 years at the Prosthodontic Extension Course for newly qualified dentists in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our dentists are all registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our practice is monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you are in safe hands at Sorriso Design Dental Clinic.

How to Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Outstanding cosmetic dental treatments results often come from a combination of different cosmetic dentistry treatments.
To get the smile you wish for, Sorriso Design we might combine the placement of a porcelain veneer with teeth whitening or the placement of an inlay / onlay.

Cosmetic dentistry may sometimes take the form of the removal of old material from your teeth, or the addition of new material to your teeth, in order to provide a smoother finish.

Here Are Some Examples of Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Will Improve Your Smile

  • Dental bonding

    Uses resin material to correct a chipped or broken tooth by filling in the missing spaces. Dental bonding material can be shaped and polished as needed to match the colour of your surrounding teeth for natural-looking results. In addition to repairing broken teeth, dental bonding is also used to close gaps in the smile, improve tooth discolouration, change the shape of the teeth, and even elongate the teeth. Dental bonding is also often used to repair broken teeth.
    During the procedure, your cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes first numbs the area in your mouth, especially if the damage to the tooth being repaired is severe. During dental bonding, you shouldn’t experience any pain, but you may notice slight sensitivity after your procedure. Dr Juliane Scandian polishes the excess material so that the bonded tooth fits perfectly within your smile.

    When performing dental bonding, Dr Juliane may use various shades to develop the composite resin colour that is most similar to the tooth being repaired. The surface of the tooth being treated will be prepared and then lightly coated with a gel that will help the bonding material adhere to your tooth. Dr Scandian will then apply the tooth-coloured bonding material to your tooth and mould it to the desired shape. A blue spectrum light from our cosmetic dental practice in Milton Keynes is used to harden the dental bonding material. Dr Juliane will finish your dental bonding treatment by trimming and shaping the hardened resin to its ideal shape.

    Find out more about how our cosmetic dentistry team in Milton Keynes can help you with dental bonding.

  • Dental Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are a common cosmetic dentistry procedure patients frequently seek out at our Milton Keynes Dental Practice. Porcelain veneers can treat broken, damaged, or discoloured teeth, as well as teeth that are simply too small or misaligned. They are a durable and beautiful solution to restore the natural look and feel of a tooth. Porcelain veneers can help when enamel has been worn down due to acidic foods and drinks or grinding, when teeth break or chip, or when teeth are stained due to factors such as tetracycline or fluorosis. Dental veneers require less enamel to be removed than traditional methods like dental crowns. Dr Juliane offers porcelain veneers so you achieve the most natural-looking smile.

    A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is crafted to fit over your tooth. Porcelain veneers look like natural teeth and can help achieve a symmetrical smile. Porcelain veneers are a versatile treatment and can be used to improve broken or damaged teeth, discoloured teeth, or an asymmetrical smile. Porcelain veneers can also close a gap in your smile and protect worn down enamel. Porcelain veneers are custom-made in a lab by hand to ensure the most natural-looking appearance possible. A master ceramist layers porcelain to create a truly natural result. Each case is always custom-made to be one-of-a-kind and fit perfectly with your smile.

    Porcelain veneers are durable and offer the most natural-looking results compared to other types of restorations.

    Find out more about how our cosmetic dentistry team in Milton Keynes can help you with dental veneers.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening in Milton Keynes can improve the appearance of discoloured teeth. The most common cause of teeth becoming dull or stained is the food you have consumed over time. Certain foods and drinks stain the enamel, which is the hard outermost layer of your teeth. The teeth whitening made at our cosmetic dental practice in Milton Keynes can remove stains that over-the-counter teeth whitening products and regular brushing can’t remove. Smoking cigarettes can also stain your teeth. Teeth can look yellow when the dentin shows through the enamel. The dentin is the layer directly underneath the enamel. Yellowing can also occur due to age, genetics, certain medications, poor oral hygiene, and consuming certain foods and/or drinks regularly. To get the best teeth whitening treatment, schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes, Dr Juliane Scandian at Sorriso Design tm.

    Find out more about how our cosmetic dentistry team in Milton Keynes can help you with teeth whitening.


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