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If you’re looking for expert wisdom tooth removal or molar extraction in Milton Keynes, our highly rated and experienced private oral surgeon can help.

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Safe oral surgery procedures

Minor oral surgery involve treatments such as the safe extraction of severely decayed or fractured teeth. It can also include removing impacted wisdom teeth.

Our skilled and experienced team at Sorriso Design Dental Clinic offer both non-surgical and surgical procedures that are safe and only recommended if absolutely necessary. 

Many people suffer with  variety of dental problems which may include overcrowded teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. Any potential dental case can cause a lot of pain but early intervention will help our dentists to determine the right course of treatment to prevent further dental health problems developing. This may require tooth extractions if a tooth has badly decayed, broken or causing oral health issues.

Why would I need oral surgery?

Sedation for minor oral surgery

Before many dental procedures, you may be given anaesthesia, which is the use of medications to help prevent you from feeling pain. Dentists may typically administer a local anaesthetic for most dental treatments but intravenous (IV) sedation can be an alternative option.

At Sorriso Design we can also provide patients with a more comfortable dental treatment. Many patients may be nervous of dental procedures or have a low pain threshold. Our team can offer IV sedation to help patients feel at ease about oral surgery or any other dental treatment that may cause discomfort.

Before and after oral surgery

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Oral surgery FAQs

If you are in severe dental pain caused by a badly broken tooth, a rotten tooth that cannot be repaired, or if a wisdom tooth is stuck under the gum against another tooth, then our dentist may advise a minor surgical procedures to remove the tooth.

A local anaesthetic is usually provided which numbs the area around the affected tooth so you shouldn’t feel any pain. 

An alternative dental sedation such as IV sedation can be offered if you feel particularly nervous about the treatment or if you have a low pain threshold.

Our dentists will consult with you about the expected heeling time after a tooth extraction.

For wisdom teeth removal, it may take up to two weeks to recover and you may experience swollen gums and cheeks. This will reduce gradually and our dentists will discuss ways to help ease any discomforts.

We will always be available to offer advice should you need to call us after any dental treatment that requires surgical procedures.

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Sorriso Design is a brand new Dental Clinic in Milton Keynes, near Willen Lake. We provide personalised dental treatments in a pleasant and calm atmosphere using state-of-the-art facilities. Car parking is also free and easily accessible for patients.

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