Dental Treatments Easy And Affordable

At Sorriso Design, our patients’ teeth and oral health are top priorities.
We know that dental treatments can sometimes represent unplanned expenses that burden your budget.

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We offer dental plans to suit our patients’ needs.

From just £22.50 a month, you will get routine care, Hygiene appointments and X-ray included.

Denplan is our patient-friendly dental practice membership plan which ensures you receive quality preventive care and advice at reasonable prices. There is a range of plans to suit your dental requirements and budget, including dental injury and dental emergency cover.

Taking out a Denplan membership plan at our dental practice in Milton Keynes allows you to spread the cost of routine treatments so that you don’t receive unexpected bills in one go. And if you travel abroad, our plans also cover you for worldwide dental emergency assistance via the Denplan helpline.

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The Benefits Of Denplan

  • Oral health advice, providing guidance on how to prevent dental problems

  • Set payments: split by month, allowing you a clear view of your private dental care costs

  • Regular check-ups: arranged trips to the dentist to keep your teeth and gums healthy

What Is Denplan Essentials?

Denplan Essentials is an easy set-up maintenance plan. You pay a monthly fee that covers a set number of treatments, including dental check-ups, dental hygiene visits and dental x-rays. You can sign up quickly and easily even if you have outstanding treatment.

Why Choose Denplan Essentials?

  • Encourages you to attend regular dental visits
  • Allows for you to budget for routine oral care
  • Simple to set up with no patient assessments required
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Sorriso Design provides a wide range of dental treatments for patients of all ages.

Our Dental Boutique delivers an experience like no other.

Dr Juliane Scandian
GDC 202104

Sorriso Design Dental Clinic has been designed to provide our patients a unique and outstanding experience. We prioritise the well-being and ensure all are felt valued and cared for.

What Dr Juliane Scandian and her team love the most about dentistry is not only seeing the patients leaving with a beautiful smile, but also feeling healthier and happier!

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    Our specialities include:


    Root Canal

    Root canal treatment allows patients to keep the natural tooth. Dentists remove the infected or inflamed pulp tissue, clean out the root canal and replace it with filling material. By keeping the natural tooth, patients do not have to worry about bone loss. The tooth’s root will continue to stimulate the bone, so people can maintain natural smiles.


    Gum Treatment

    Deep cleaning of the gums, which reduces bacteria debris and inflammation below the gum line. This means that there is a perfectly clean, smooth surface that the gum can reattach to, reducing pocket depth. Diagnosis of oral lesions and soft tissue biopsy. Regular maintenance cleaning appointments.



    Orthodontic treatment helps ensure the proper function of teeth and create healthy smiles. A good bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. Teeth that are misaligned are harder to clean and can cause abnormal wearing of tooth enamel which can lead to extensive and expensive dental procedures.