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Wedding Smile Packages in Milton Keynes

Get ready for the big day with our superb, affordable wedding smile packages in Milton Keynes. Our expert team can achieve stunning results to let you shine.

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'Smile at the alter'... three superb package options

‘Smile at the Altar’ is for brides and grooms looking for a beautiful smile on their wedding day. With photos and videos eternalising their smiles in this special moment, improving the appearance of their teeth should be high on the list of preparations for the big day.

We have three special smile aesthetics packages, the ‘RSVP’ (minimum 15 days before the wedding), ‘Save The Date’ (minimum 3 months before the wedding) and ‘Yes I do’ (minimum 1 year before the wedding). The three offer personalised treatments, planned and timed for the smile of the bride and groom to be impeccable for the big day.

The three packages are as follows:

Package 1 - The ‘RSVP’
Minimum of 15 days before the wedding

Package 2 - ‘Save the date’
Minimum of 3 months before the wedding

Package 3 - ‘Yes I do’
Minimum of 1 year before the wedding

All treatments are performed after evaluation by one of our dentists at Sorriso Design Dental Clinic. In the case of the one year period option, the treatment with Invisalign only covers cases where the level of misalignment is such that it can be corrected within the time period. The dentist will advise on your individual case at the evaluation.

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Wedding smile packages FAQs

We offer different packages to improve your smile depending how close it is to your wedding. Obviously the more time we have the more that can be done.

If your wedding is a year away then we are able to achieve the most significant results. This can even include teeth straightening with Invisalign (as long as the misalignment isn’t beyond a certain level).

If it is a lot closer to the big day then the good news that we can still improve the appearance of your smile in time. Our RSVP package can be undertaken as long as there is fifteen days or more to go.

Complete orthodontic treatments and highly complex treatments are not included in these packages, as they require a longer treatment time.

Having the perfect smile on your special day is not limited to just the bride and groom. Our ‘Smile at the Altar’ packages are also valid for family members, bridesmaids and best men who also want to look their best.

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