The Art, Science and Technology Behind Beautiful Smiles

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Family Dentistry

General family dentistry is the overall maintenance of your oral hygiene and the health of your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be a great solution to restore your smile’s appearance.

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Smile Makeover

Transform your life with a world-class smile makeover.

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Dental Hygiene

Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums is a worthy goal in and of itself.

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Composite Bonding

A pearly smile is an inevitable ingredient for achieving success in your personal and professional life.

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Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth.

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Straight teeth are healthy teeth — Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean with flossing and brushing and may help prevent other health problems.

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Dental Implants

If you have chipped or decayed teeth that are so worn and they cannot be saved, you may want to learn more about dental implants.

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Gum Treatment

The number one reason why people lose their teeth is undiagnosed periodontal disease.

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Root Canal

The root canal treatment relieves pressure from inflammation in the pulp of the tooth and within a day or two after treatment, patients can get back to living their lives, without tooth pain.

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Inlays / Onlays and Crowns

An inlay is designed to just repair the very central part of a back tooth whereas an onlay is a bit bigger, repairing one or more of your tooth cusps.

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Ceramic Veneers

If you have chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth, you may want to consider cosmetic porcelain veneers.

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Caries Prevention

Unlikely other diseases, cavities and tooth decay is not life-threatening and is highly preventable.

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

In the past few years, anti-aging treatments and products have become quite popular.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is all about bringing the beauty of a natural smile together with the health of your teeth.

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A dental bridge essentially bridges a gap in your mouth by replacing a missing tooth with a false tooth.

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Dentures are a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth.

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A Friendly Workflow

The most important for me is to provide an environment where my patients feel comfortable and safe during the procedures. My workflow considers all aspects of the patients’ general health, providing them with the best treatment for each dental procedure.


The human body is incredibly complex. The foods and the frequency you choose to eat can affect your general health and the health of your teeth and gums. For a healthier life and the health of your teeth and gums, you need to consider what to eat and drink.

Proper nutrition means eating a well-balanced diet so that your body can get the nutrients needed for good health and wellness. If your diet is low in the nutrients your body needs, your mouth may have a more difficult time resisting infection.

Dental health is affected not only by what you eat but also when you eat. A balanced diet will improve your oral health.

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